Tempest Cabaret

Acquired May 2003
Completed July 2004
  • Acquired WG6102 monitor
  • Acquired and repaired non-working PCBs
  • Acquired control panel
  • Acquired bezel bar
  • Acquired monitor bezel
  • Acquired wiring harness.
  • Attempted restoration of cab, but later cloned it since the water damage was too severe.
  • Refinished coin door and repainted coin box
  • Removed spray paint to discover NOS quality marquee
  • Modified upright harness to fit
  • New buttons
  • Oscar controls spinner knob (highly recommended)
  • New bronze bushings (highly recommended if you don't like the "brrr" sound on your spinner...)
  • New locks, leg levelers
  • New fluorescent lamp starter


Before After
This one looks was converted to Capcom Bowling by way of Centipede. I think every cabaret cab of this style eventually wound up to be a Capcom Bowling at some point. This is what a NIB (New in Box) cab looks like. :)
Lots of mold, and marquee painted over. Whoever did this, spared the service label. Coin door had rust underneath powdercoat.

Bottom laminate coming up, and it swelling of the sides, this machine must have been in a hot humid place in a puddle.

Refinished coin doors, speaker grille, and polished marquee.
(Unfortunately, new Formica shows fingerprints really well...)
On to the restoration process...